Cougar Strong Racing

Cougar Strong Racing is America’s premier Greenpower USA race team. With multiple national championships, Cougar Strong has been a trail blazer for this unique STEM program. Point By is honored to once again be a sponsor and have the privilege of documenting their journey to Talladega.

Ready Set Go

Atlanta Driving Society

Atlanta Driving Society is all about the preservation of the art and joy of driving. Our goal is to get drivers to experience their cars and develop their driving skills in a controlled and safe environment.
Smaller events with more track time. Always a safe environment. Diversity in driving.

Mikey Likes It

Hooked on Driving

Are you ready to get HOOKED ON DRIVING?
HOD is America’s premier performance diving program. We're a community of people who love their cars, love to drive, and enjoy driving them in the controlled environment of a road course.

Get Hooked

MotorSports Mafia

MSM is launching their 2023 season at Roebling Road and you’ll want to get it while it’s hot. Use code POINTBY10 to save on your track day! You'll also save on subscriptions to The Grid, and all merchandise! What are you waiting for?

The Real MSM

Back In The Game

Brendon is not only a client, but also a friend and a track day addict. If you pulled a hammy setting that new PB, give BIG a call.


Broad Arrow Group

Between Broad Arrow Auctions and Hagerty Marketplace, all of your collector car auction needs are met. Looking for an ND Miata? Gotcha. BMW M1? We’ve got that. Magnus Walker’s 1974 911? Yeah, she’s here. Some of these cars are so special, you’re not an owner, you’re a custodian.

Bring a Who?

HPDE Junkie

Dave has created a one-stop-shop for track day information. When you’ve got an itch to scratch, his site will provide the Benadryl. Get out there and Drive Fast, Safely.

Dave Says Do It

Detailers Products

Justin has harnessed the power of Unicorn Tears to create a magical product that not only makes your car look shiny as f@#k, but it protects it as well. Eco Auto Clean Nano Wax and Go Green Get Clean waterless car wash are absolutely amazing. We recommend that you have Justin detail your car prior to your track day to not only gain an aero boost, but also because you don’t want your dirty car to be captured in 4k. Let’s be clean.

Get Clean

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