That's the sound of our shutters ripping away at 20 fps.


She started shooting because Scott couldn’t drive and shoot at the same time. Little did he know, photography and fast (for a four cylinder) cars are Kayleigh’s passion. She made his slow ass look fast and she found her niche.

Likes include: Top Gear, Richard Hammond, Porsche, and Richard

Dislikes: Horseradish.

Kayleigh's 20 for '22


Part-time Rabbit Wrangler. Part-time Cat Herder. Full-time Camera Slinger.

Scott recently retired from the US Army. After spending 24 years in the Infantry, he decided to put his shooting skills to use in a less kinetic manner.

When he’s not shooting motorsport at various levels, he can be found on track in his MINI, or in the garage wrenching on the aforementioned MINI.

Likes include: Porsche, Taylor Swift, Rum, and Clarkson.

Dislikes: Sobriety.

Scott's 20 for '22

Don't take our word for it


If you are looking for the absolute best motorsports photographer then you can stop looking because you've found them. Scott & Kaleigh are amazing and get the best shots of our race team - candid shots in the pits, countless angles of the cars on the race track, and more.

Matthew G.

LaGrange, GA

Holy Shit. These pictures are awesome. Y'all do incredible work."

Andrew K.

Atlanta, GA


Point By Photography will not disappoint! I am obsessed over their work and anxiously wait to see their pictures after every race. They are so friendly and fun to be around! I 100% recommended them! 😍

Meghan H.

LaGrange, GA

Great shots! You guys have a talent of capturing the moment in time that tells a big story. Thank you!"

Brendon B.

Atlanta, GA


Point by Photography is the real deal. They work hard to capture all the moments of our students during our Greenpower races. From candids of our students to the amazing shots of our cars in action, they do it all!

Rachel S.

LaGrange, GA

This is the second track day in a row they have caught just that one moment you could never ask a photographer to catch...that's just what they do."

James V.

Atlanta, GA


Kindest people I have met! Great with kids and adults alike. Their photos are beautiful and I can't get enough. I recommend them for all your photography needs! 10/10!

Lemur R.

LaGrange, GA

Not only did I get the link to the photos arrive quicker than expected, the quality and emotion that was captured in the photos blew me away! They made me and my team look like professional drivers! I can not say enough good things and will definitely hire them again!"

Trever W.

Knoxville, TN

...the best on-track photos of any HPDE I’ve ever attended. The quality and variety of the shots look straight out of an automotive magazine. Affordable and received photos super quick!"

Jacob M.

Charleston, SC

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