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This guide is intended to be a “read ahead” planning tool. We tried to give a general overview of where we shot from, and in some cases what our settings were. Use the guide to get a warm fuzzy before going to a new track, and if you have suggestions, send them our way and we’ll update the guide accordingly. 

We decided to develop this guide because, in our opinion, there are few things more anxiety-inducing than going to an unfamiliar track for a paid gig. We don’t profess to be the end-all-be-all of motorsports photography (we’re far from in).  We are in a constant state of learning and trying to further develop our skills. We only wish to pass on what we have learned. 

Printed in full color on glossy 80lbs paper in A5 format measuring 8.3" x 5.8", these pocket guides are a great way to get familiar with a track before you arrive to shoot. 

Use this guide at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for your actions. Coordinate with the event host, race control, and the corner marshals before doing anything. Be aware that the purpose of this guide is to provide insight into where we got certain shots. You must absolutely coordinate with the event host before you start shooting. Note that track conditions and access areas may change. This guide was out of date the moment we left the track to create it. Use at your own risk. Coordinate with the event host and race control.

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Chasing light and angles

AMP can be a challenge to shoot. We are constantly hunting new angles and finding ways to make the old new.

Just hang it
Canvas Prints

At Point By, we like to say that our photos look great on your phone but even better on your wall. Well, now it’s more than just talk. We have partnered with a local printer to have these custom-made to our standard. 12”x8” canvas with a 1.5” gallery wrap.

Don't take our word for it

Great shots! You guys have a talent of capturing the moment in time that tells a big story. Thank you!"

Brendon B.

Atlanta, GA

This is the second track day in a row they have caught just that one moment you could never ask a photographer to catch...that's just what they do."

James V.

Atlanta, GA

Holy Shit. These pictures are awesome. Y'all do incredible work."

Andrew K.

Atlanta, GA

...the best on-track photos of any HPDE I’ve ever attended. The quality and variety of the shots look straight out of an automotive magazine. Affordable and received photos super quick!"

Jacob M.

Charleston, SC

Not only did I get the link to the photos arrive quicker than expected, the quality and emotion that was captured in the photos blew me away! They made me and my team look like professional drivers! I can not say enough good things and will definitely hire them again!"

Trever W.

Knoxville, TN

Photos are basic. I'm pretty sure they were taken with a nokia flip phone.

Totally kidding.

 Let me tell you, they make even an amateur like myself look good going around corners! You won't be disappointed!"

Rohri C.

Charleston, SC

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